Vision, Aims and Values

​HPF’s vision statement is:

‘Celebrating and inspiring a lifelong love of learning in an ever changing world’ 

This federation encourages children to:

  • Have confidence in themselves, communicate effectively with others and develop high self- esteem.
  • Be inquisitive, curious and recognise issues they would like to explore.
  • Value and respect the importance of beliefs, customs and languages in a multi cultural society
  • Have high expectations of themselves.
  • Become motivated and resilient learners by experiencing success and managing failure.
  • Make appropriate use of developing technologies and know how to keep themselves safe.
  • Develop a range of interests and have an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Enjoy learning through independent and collaborative work and play.
  • Share their learning with their friends, families and the wider community.
  • Grow, learn and be challenged in a caring and safe environment where every second counts and every child matters.
  • Experience an inclusive, broad curriculum and use a variety of learning skills to achieve their full potential.
  • Respect themselves, each other and the environment in order to become good role models in the school community and the wider world.

Our federation looks to develop the following behaviours, values and attitudes:


  • We adopt a positive attitude and outlook in all we do
  • We take enjoyment from achievement and are happy to take on challenges
  • We celebrate all success, our own and that of those around us
  • We pursue a happy and healthy choices


  • We are kind and thoughtful in our actions
  • We are fair in our approach, treating all individuals the same
  • We are polite, courteous and display good manners
  • We are tolerant, we look to understand the views of others when they are different to our own
  • Put simply – we treat those around us the way we would want to be treated ourselves


  • We are resilient, we look to overcome challenges
  • We have ‘enquiring minds’ and are always looking to learn more
  • We display learning behaviours

Responsibility / Independence: 

We recognise the need to take responsibility…

  • For our own learning, that the main motivation comes from ourselves
  • For our actions, we look to be honest and trustworthy in all we do
  • For our contributions, if we say we’ll do something we do it, we play our part