After School Sport Opportunities for SWIS Children

Sorry, due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we are not running any infant clubs.




After School Sport Opportunities for HAJ Children

Progressive Sports have worked with us to provide access to after school football courses for all children across KS2. These clubs will take place within class bubbles, and with staff already working with that bubble.

These courses require payment and the information below provides a link to book a place through Progressive Sports website (not school).

The link above will take you directly to the correct section to book a place, however you will need to register your details on the website prior to being able to book.

Clubs are arranged into the relevant classes, there are 15 spaces per class.


Year 4 Pandas 2:40-3:40
Year 4 Rhinos 2:55-3:55
Year 4 Tigers 3:10-4:10

Year 5 Pandas 2:40-3:40
Year 5 Rhinos 2:55-3:55
Year 5 Tigers 3:10-4:10


Year 3 Pandas 2:40-3:40
Year 3 Rhinos 2:55-3:55
Year 3 Tigers 3:10-4:10

Year 6 Pandas 2:40-3:40
Year 6 Rhinos 2.55-3:55
Year 6 Tigers 3:10-4:10