Early Bird Club

Samuel White’s Library – Drop off from 7.30am only £3.00 per day per child!

The Early Bird Club is available for all children who attend Samuel White’s Infant School and Hanham Abbots Junior School.

The club is run by Mrs Broad and staff from both schools and gives working parents a cost effective opportunity to drop their children off early at school.

Children may be dropped off at the club from 7.30am and they will all be taken to their classrooms in time for the start of the school day. The club does not provide breakfast but children may bring a packed breakfast with them if it helps your morning schedule.

Early Bird Club (EBC) is based in the library at Samuel White’s Infant School, which is accessed via the main playground at the back of the school.  It offers a mixture of activities including outside play, board games, art work, computer games and many more.

Our office staff are always happy to assist you with your online bookings if you have any difficulties. We do ask that you make your booking at least 48 hours in advance so that we can ensure adequate provision on the day.

Telephone: 01454 862 510 to speak to Samuel White’s office

Early Bird