Curriculum Overview

We have been working hard to re-develop our curriculum to make it engaging, stimulating and relevant for our learners. We believe that children at Hanham Primary Federation deserve a rich, varied curriculum which provides them with both the skills and knowledge to become engaged global citizens.

As well as ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum, we have based our curriculum around several key ‘drivers’ that are important to us as a school. They are:

  • British values
  • Our School vision and values
  • Gender
  • Global issues
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Our local context
  • SMSC

Curriculum Development

You can read more about our curriculum vision and progress here:


Curriculum Development Plan 2019-2020


It is our aim to provide all learners at Hanham Primary Federation with an inspiring curriculum which celebrates the unique character of our community, location and pupils and develops a love of learning.

Our curriculum is rich in language, knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is based around ‘hooks’, inspiring events and experiences which draw children in to the learning. Pupil voice is always part of the planning process – we explore real issues with genuine significance.

Our curriculum is based around our school values (enjoyment, respect, independence, responsibility and perseverance). It is also linked to our three school rules (be ready, be safe, be respectful).

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum yet retains a local flavour; our learners know what it means to be from the Hanham area and to live in Britain. It also prepares learners for their role as global citizens.

Please see the ‘Vision Statements’ below for further details of the intent behind our fantastic new curriculum.